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Community Guidelines

Effective Date
October 1, 2018

Golden Beacon provides this Community Guidelines Policy, or these “Community Guidelines” as a part of our Terms of Service (available at to inform you of our policies and procedures for interacting with others in the Golden Beacon community.

The purpose of this policy is to set community standards for all of users to communicate, collaborate, and share information all within a safe and respectful environment. This policy is meant to provide a firm set of standards to define what kinds of conduct and content we will allow on our platform which we believe will further our mission.

Keep in mind that we will enforce a strict “zero tolerance” policy for conduct we believe may damage or harm our community. Although you may not appreciate or agree with all of our policies, we are striving to create an environment where every helpful voice can be heard and appreciated equally, and we expect you to respect these guidelines for this reason.

We may change our Community Guidelines from time to time. The most updated version of the Community Guidelines is available at

We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Community Guidelines wherever they may appear on our Site, and give you notice that they have been updated according to our Terms of Service. Your continued use of any Services following any changes to these Community Guidelines will be considered your acceptance to our changes.

You should consult this policy regularly for any changes, and it is your responsibility to become aware of and understand them.

Unless otherwise defined in this policy, capitalized terms will have the same meanings as in our Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to remove any Content or disable user accounts if we determine, in our sole discretion, the Content or conduct is in violation of the letter or spirit of any of these Community Guidelines.


We strictly prohibit any Content or conduct which we believe, in our sole discretion, constitutes harassment, stalking, intimidation, or abuse towards others, including any of which is based on a user’s race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, religion, or country of origin. We will remove Content, and may suspend or terminate users from accessing our Site if we determine any Content or user conduct willfully or knowingly targets users or private, non-public figures for shame or ridicule.

Violating Content and conduct includes unsolicited feedback, messages, or submitted Content which would be offensive, degrading, or humiliating to another user of the Services. Offending conduct also includes submitting frivolous or false claims of violations of our Community Guidelines by a user.

We reserve the right to remove any Content or disable user accounts if we determine, in our sole discretion, the Content or account’s conduct is meant to harass, annoy, stalk, intimidate, shame, or abuse other people.


We will remove Content, disable user accounts, and cooperate with law enforcement and private parties if we have a reasonable belief there is a credible and genuine risk of harm or threats to the public or our user community.

If any threatening language or conduct is reported to us, we will review any such reports to determine whether they affect public or personal safety of our users or any member of the public.


We would like to support a diverse community of users, and while we believe in free speech for all, we will not permit any persons or organizations to use our Site or Services to engage in what we reasonably believe is objectively violent, hateful, discriminatory, or criminal activity which is physically, psychologically, or financially harmful to people, animals, or businesses, or to support or celebrate any persons or organizations which promote any of these activities.

We prohibit hate speech on our Site and Services. Hate speech includes any content that attacks users or other people on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or disability or disease.

However, users should understand that people may discuss hate speech, or even repeat hate speech as part of a constructive educational conversation, and that we reserve the right to permit such Content if we reasonably determine that it is used to raise awareness or to educate other people about hate speech.


We respect the privacy of our users and the public, and we expect you to do the same. We strictly prohibit our users from collecting or storing any information about other users, especially but not limited to their Personal Information, without their express, prior consent.

We strictly prohibit users from posting, submitting, or contributing any information or commentary about any other private person without that person’s express, prior consent. Private persons are people whose actions or profession are not newsworthy or of general public interest.


Even though public figures are newsworthy and in the public eye, we do not tolerate any Content or conduct which constitute credible threats or hate speech directed towards those persons and which does not promote objectively constructive discussion or conversation.


We prohibit any Content that threatens or promotes sexual violence, assault, or exploitation. We have no tolerance for this type of Content or conduct, including but not limited to solicitation of sexual material, sexual Content involving minors, threats or offers to share overtly sexual images, or offers of sexual services.

We will not hesitate to refer any offending Content, or report any conduct to law enforcement as we see fit.


While we recognize that Content depicting or describing violence or graphic subject matter, such as acts of war, abuse, or similar may be used or discussed for public awareness, or as matters of public interest or concern, some audiences may be particularly sensitive to this type of Content due to cultural or age concerns. For that reason, we may restrict violent or graphic Content which we believe does not have any redeeming social value to promote awareness of such matters, or extremely graphic or disturbing Content, such as Content depicting death or mutilation.

We encourage our users to engage in conversation and share information with one another, however, you should keep in mind that not all topics of conversation, Content shared, or language used will be appropriate for all users. Because we want to create a welcoming environment for all users, we do not permit our Site or Services to be used in connection with any conduct or Content which is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or offensive to reasonable community standards.


Although certain goods and substances, such as drugs, alcohol, or firearms may be legal to sell or promote outside of our platform, we do not permit our users to use our Services to buy, sell or trade legal (or illegal) drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or ammunition.

While we do not discourage users from engaging in conversation or providing feedback regarding controlled goods and substances, we do not support commercial activity which does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


We encourage you to report any suspected violations of these Community Guidelines to us. In order to take action about any offending Content or conduct on the Site or made available through the Services however, you must provide us with sufficient information to identify and address the alleged violation.

You may report violations to us by contacting us at We may ask you to provide information such as (1) the location and/or pages on the Site or other Services where offending Content may be found; (2) a summary or description of conduct which you believe violates the Community Guidelines; (3) your reason why you believe Content and/or a user should be suspended from using our Site and Services.

Please keep in mind that while we have a zero tolerance policy for abuses of our Community Guidelines, we ultimately decide, in our sole reasonable discretion, whether any alleged violations are legitimate or credible and to take (or not take) any action in response to a report.

Do not submit false or frivolous reports of abuse. We reserve the right to take action against any user that submits false or frivolous reports of abuse regarding other users or any part of the Services.


These videos are provided to you subject to our Terms of Service. All copyrights, trademarks, and other information in this material are the exclusive property of Golden Beacon USA, with all rights reserved.

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