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Ask Your American Friend
Advice Column

When you're new to the United States, or thinking about moving to America, everything can seem overwhelming and scary. The cultural changes, the etiquette and norms, the food, the laws, finding friends, housing, and a job...there are so many aspects to living in a new country that can be daunting. You may be wishing that there was someone you could ask who is familiar with aspects of American life that you are so unsure about.

That someone can be found here at Golden Beacon USA in the form of "Ask Your

American Friend", a free advice column in which Laura Marenco, founder of

Golden Beacon USA, provides answers to questions from immigrants and refugees
in the
U.S. and from around the world.

Ask Your American Friend can give individual advice on:

  • Expectations while living in the U.S.

  • Process such as registering for school

  • Social situations

  • Navigating your career and professional life

  • Etiquette

  • Making friends

  • Life and culture

  • Plus much more!

To submit a question, please use the form or

e-mail Laura at with

American Friend in the subject line.


Questions submitted in a language other than English will be translated to English and published to the site in English. The text can be read through a variety of languages that are available on the site through Google Translate. The response will be emailed back to the question writer in the language in which they originally submitted the question.

Answers to your questions are for educational and informational purposes only. Ms. Marenco is not a lawyer. Therefore, any legal questions, including but not limited to, the immigration process and laws, visas and green cards, should be directed to a licensed attorney.


In addition, Ms. Marenco is not a therapist, counselor, or psychologist and therefore does not diagnose or treat mental health illnesses or provide medical advice.


If you are experiencing an emotional or mental health problem, please contact a mental health professional. For assistance with finding a licensed attorney or mental health professional in your area, please visit our Resources Referrals page.

Please note: Your name will NOT be published; please provide a fake name or pseudonym at the end of your question. If you do not provide one, a pseudonym will be chosen for you. Questions and answers will be published on the site and remain there indefinitely.


Questions may be edited for length and clarity at the advice columnist’s discretion.

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