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Welcome Packets

Welcome to America, Welcome to Your New Community!

Moving to the U.S. means deciding which part of the country to live in. Though there are 50 states and hundreds of metro areas to choose from, you still need to find the place that's the right fit for you and your family.


This decision comes with a host of questions about the city or town you want to live in:

  • Can I afford to live there? 

  • What types of jobs will I find?

  • What are the best neighborhoods?

  • What are the schools like?

  • What services are available?

  • Am I close to a big city or is it a rural area?

  • And many more

Finding the answers to these questions can be overwhelming.

That's where our Welcome Packets come in.


Our Welcome Packets provide you with a booklet of research and resources, compiled by us and tailored to your specific questions and concerns regarding your move to or within the U.S. You pick the area(s) of the U.S. you are interested in, and we research and compile our findings about life in that area into a guide for you. Each packet contains vital information on a specific topic and/or location of the United States.

NOTE: If you would like to learn about more than one city or metro area, please purchase a separate Welcome Packet for each.

Each Welcome Packet takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. You will then be e-mailed your completed Packet. 


Purchase a Welcome Packet today and get started learning about your new community in the U.S.!


Welcome Packet

After purchase, a link to the Welcome Packet form will be sent to you. Please complete this form to give us the information necessary to complete your Welcome Packet.

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