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Resource Assistance

 Starting over in a new country often requires the three P's:










             Paperwork                                   Processes                                           People

                                                                                                              (to locate for help)

Perhaps you are looking for a daycare for your children so that you can work outside the home, an immigration attorney to discuss applying for citizenship, or affordable furniture to decorate your first home in the US.

Maybe it’s a process that has you stumped, like getting your driver’s license, enrolling your children in school, resolving an issue with your home's utility bill (water and electricity), or applying for social services.

Through our 4-step process, our Resource Assistant helps with all 3 P's to make the transition to your newly adopted country an easier one. 



Assistant checks in periodically with Client to assess his or her satisfaction with the progress he or she has made. If Client is not satisfied with the chosen resource, Client should notify the Assistant. As needed, Assistant will act as an advocate on behalf of the Client to clear up any problems that hinder the working relationship between Client and the resource provider.

If Client wishes to find a different resource, Assistant will meet with Client to choose another resource from their IRP at no additional cost. Assistant will coordinate the meeting between Client and the resource provider.

If Client is not satisfied with any of the other options on their IRP or the other options are not available to CLient, then Client is required to purchas a new Resource Assistance package in order to find another resource provider.

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In your first meeting with the Assistant, you will describe your situation, any obstacles you face in obtaining the resources you need, and any resources you have used or contacted thus far as well as their results.


In the second meeting, Client and Assistant discuss Assistant's findings and recommendations. Together, they decide which resource best serves the Client's main issue and needs. Assistant then completes an Individual Resource Plan (IRP) which details how the Client will move forward once the resource is chosen and approved.

Assistant coordinates Client's access to the resource. This includes setting up an appointment with the resource provider, providing the resource with Client's contact information for follow-up, or providing the CLient with the relevant information to access the provider on their own.

Assistant is available to accompany Client on appointments with the resource provider upon Client's request.



The Assistant researches resources that fit the needs of the Client by focusing on the Client's specific community and neighboring communities. Research includes phone calls, emails, and visits to the provider if necessary. Assistant compiles a document of her findings and her recommendations on which resources to pursue and sends it to the Client before their second meeting.


Resource assistance covers the total needs of the client; that is, they are not limited to one area such as health. We serve both local and national clients.

All resource referral meetings are private between the client and the Resource Assistant. The information will only be shared with the people involved in the targeted resource or service.

All sessions are conducted in English y ¡también se habla español!

If the client speaks a language other than English or Spanish, it is the client’s responsibility to alert the Resource Referral Assistant of the need for an interpreter prior to the first meeting.


The Assistant will provide an interpreter over the phone; however, the Client is encouraged to bring their own interpreter if possible.

Resource Assistance

Find what you need in your new community by purchasing a Resource Assistance package today!

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